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Olavi Louhivuori Inhale Exhale (2008)

Inhale Exhale (2008)

Texicalli Records

Recorded by Tommi Vainikainen at Kallio-Kuninkala April 11-13 2007
Additional recording done by Olavi Louhivuori during 2007-2008

Performed, mixed and edited by Olavi Louhivuori during 1/2007-1/2008

Additional mixing by Tommi Vainikainen at Musicmakers (Track 2 additional mixing by Tommi Vainikainen and Teemu Korpipää)

Drums, percussion, noise and voice Olavi Louhivuori
Produced by Olavi Louhivuori
Cover by Matti Kunttu

Olavi Louhivuori

1. Inhale
2. War of Flowers
3. Wunderkammer
4. Since 1981
5. Going There One Day
6. Intoxicating Concoction
7. Helmet Hill
8. Praesens
9. Soft Bullets
10. Exhale