As a great conclusion to this amazing week, I’m playing a very special duo gig tonight 7pm with Valtteri Pöyhönen at St. Urho’s Pub. Some noise/free improvisation/electronic/exotic/loud stuff coming up!

Oddarrang: In Cinema

Oddarrang: In Cinema

Hi everyone! This is a very special week for me and my band Oddarrang. We’re starting a new club this saturday (18.8.) at Lavaklubi (Finnish National Theatre), Helsinki. The club is called Oddarrang: In Cinema. We’re going to introduce four talented finnish film-directors (during fall 2012), who will each direct a silent short-film for us. Oddarrang will compose new music for each film, so at the end of the year we will have lots of new material (and some amazing moving picture too!). The first movie is directed by Sanni Priha.

More information coming up soon. Hope to see you there!