Flight tour in UK 3-5 May

Flight tour in UK 3-5 May


What a great few days in UK with Dave Stapleton‘s new project “Flight”. Great venues, great music, great people..Here are some pictures from the road.

Our first gig was in Bristol, St George’s. I’ve played there twice before, once with Ilmiliekki Quartet and once with Tomasz Stanko and I really love the place. It works beautifully with or without amplification, and this time we enjoyed playing totally acoustic. I dont’ think I enjoy anything as much as playing without amplification in a good venue like this. Here’s also one nice review from the gig.

Felt good to be back (St George’s, Bristol)!

Inside picture from St George's with Dave Stapleton, Marius Neset, Dave Kane and Brodowski String Quartet

Beautiul! With Dave Stapleton, Marius Neset, Dave Kane and Brodowski String Quartet.

The next day we traveled to Wales (my first time!), where we played in an another great venue, Dora Stoutzker Hall. We also had a chance to have a little workshop for the local students, which was a lot of fun. The concert was recorded by BBC’s Jazz on Radio 3 (broadcasted on 21st of May!).

Workshop in Cardiff..

Our final gig was in London (King’s Place). By this time we really felt the music was totally relaxed and really flowing in a nice way. As in most cases, also this time we recorded the album first and only now got to play gigs together. It kind of makes one wonder how the music on the album would have sounded with some more playing before, but on the other hand there’s a certain kind of magic in going to the studio and playing the songs (almost) for the first time in the moment of recording.. In any case, I really like the result, and it has been received very well by GuardianThe Independent, AllAboutJazz etc..

Marius Neset, Dave Kane, Dave Stapleton

Doing a sound check at King's Place, London (with Marius Neset, Dave Kane and Dave Stapleton)

Well, that’s about it. Next week gigs in Norway with Mats Eilertsen’s Sky Dive! Will keep you posted.